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  • 30 November 2016
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What are the most creative CoPilot communications you have sent? What were the use cases? What was the response from these messages? 

I've been thinking that there are many use cases for CoPilot especially in mid and high touch models that some great champions have dreamed up (whether or not you've implemented them) and I would love to hear your ideas.

Thanks in advance!

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Samee, I posted a similar question on Community a few months ago, on behalf of a customer that was looking for new ideas. Here's the link to that post, it got a few responses: 
Hi Samee,

We started our CoPilot outreaches sending communications around renewals for our 1:Many tier. From there we built similar renewal touch points for the higher touch tiers then progressed to the relationship building comms. This isn't necessarily crafty or creative but has been effective in reducing the manual sends our CSMs were sending daily and freeing up their time to have more meaningful connections with our customers. Some sample automated touch points:

  • Intro to CSM
  • Adoption toolkit
  • Post implementation check-in
  • Education offering
  • Resources available
  • Mid-year check-in
  • Renewal communications (90 day/60 day/30 day/10 day etc)
We're also sending some additional communications manually (or leveraging email assist) based on the needs of the business. Some examples of these communications are:

  • Product release communication - sent from the CSM to promote a webinar about our latest release

  • Customer conference email - a quick email from the CSM giving some high level details of our upcoming customer conference 

  • Specific feature email - send to all customers that don't leverage this specific feature currently

Thanks Jen. It looks like CoPilot is working well for you! I was thinking some companies may want to send out holiday GSnaps of CoPilot emails this year. As much as I like the handrwitten note, not everyone works in an office and you could have some fun putting together photos or a video to put int he communication. Any other ideas like this? 
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Samee - Awesome thread. The most creative CoPilot campaign I recently uncovered comes from a client of mine who sends out a birthday email. The CoPilot email is triggered for each of their designated Adoption Champions and Executive Sponsors and contains a link with a ten dollar donation to a charity of the recipients choice. 

I'm interested to hear more! 

- Easton