Problem with Copilot and Data Spaces

  • 2 November 2016
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I was trying to create a CoPilot power list using Data Spaces, but but it gives me an error "No account reference found in 'OPS: Tasks and Actions'.Create a account lookup to Salesforce Account object to proceed."

I opened a support ticket and was told "This is already a known issue. Our Product team has prioritized this issue and plan to make the fix available in the December Patch release."

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7 replies

Jeff, I believe, at this point, for it work, you will need to include both Account ID and Account Name string in the data space. Ideally, you shouldn't require Account Name string, which is something we will fix. Has anyone share with you the details of this workaround and does it work ? 
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Hey Gaurav! Yes both Account ID and Account Name are part of the data space already, but it doesn't work.
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Any resolution for this? I'm getting the same error. Opening a support ticket.
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I was able to solve Jake's Issue.

One thing to make sure when adding Account ID in a DataSpace to make it useful for Copilot is it needs to look like this when added. ( Primary Account Reference)

This is how you would add it, by clicking to whats similar to screenshot below.

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I am getting the same error while working with MDA objects. However, the Data Spaces is working fine.


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@Ravinder Singh sorry for the delay here. Is the issue still happening?

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@sai_ram No it is resolved now. Thanks!