Creating a super useuser programme

  • 10 November 2023
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Thinking about how to create an official super user program for our Online Community. Read a really brilliant article by FeverBee, which got me thinking. 


I want to improve our existing processes, strengthen engagement. 


  • Some ideas I’ve had so far:
  • A yearly ‘renewal’ of membership, ensuring that SUs that remain are engaged. 
  • Conducting a yearly survey to get feedback from SUs.


What we do currently:


  • Monthly meet ups with employees from different areas of the business
  • A private area for SUs
  • Keeping them in the loop with company changes/updates


Any ideas or resources you have to help me on my way would be really appreciated? If you run a community and have some advice please share 😊

4 replies

We have a superuser program and it’s long been the heart of our community. Here’s how it works: 

  • We look for users who are active in the community for a minimum of 3 months, and who are already jumping in to help others out, and invite them to the program 
  • In return for their ongoing regular participation, they get: 
    • A dedicated space where they can talk to one another and to us. They use this to answer questions for one another, discuss or “swarm” on answers for other users, talk to us, and socialize. 
    • A badge in the community 
    • A monthly call with a product manager (each month they suggest and vote as a group, and then we invite that individual) 
    • Expedited support for their tickets with us (we know that they’re experts and by the time they’re sending a ticket, they’ve already asked one another, so chances are their ticket isn’t answerable by a bot or tier 1 agent) 
    • Quarterly “Town Halls” Where we share things that are going on at the company, and an end of the year social party (all virtual) 
    • Priority access to betas 

We let people stay in the program for as long as they’re active. They can let us know if they need a break due to a big project at work, changing jobs, etc., but we’ve had some folks stick around for 5+ years. 

I also gave a talk about this at an event in 2020 if you want to check it out: 


Amazing @Nicole Saunders! This is so helpful! Many thanks 😊

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I wonder if the legendary @Ditte has any additional tips...

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I wonder if the legendary @Ditte has any additional tips...

Hah, legendary! Thanks, @timcavey :D

@Nicole Saunders already talks about a lot of great stuff in her video.

Superuser programs are very individual to each community. Some are open, others are closed etc. I created this little one pager for an InSided/Gainsight even some years back:

Maybe there are some additional bits and bops that can spur some thinking :)