What's in your annual report?

  • 7 December 2021
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Hey gang,

I’m pulling together a “Year in review” style report for our business. This is less about the performance of our Community, and more about sharing insights we’ve gathered about the customers who use this space. 

So far, I’m including:

  • A timeline of how our community has changed over the year
  • Insights about our members (Industry, location, reason for joining the community)
  • The health of different areas of the community (which spaces are most engaged with, why)
  • How members get and provide value to each other (support, inspiration, insights) with examples
  • What types of content have been successful

If you were to put yourself in the shoes of a CSM, account manager or leadership - what would you want to know about your organization’s community outside of OKRs?

Unashamedly tagging @Scott Baldwin, @tiffany.oda, @Anika Zubair, @Remco2 for your brains!


2 replies


Awesome question! Super curious how others are handling this. Will add my own thoughts e.o.d.


Btw @Onomatopoeia I’ve tagged you in a relevant discussion @ CMX slack, check it out.


Thought I’d follow up with what I landed on in case anyone finds it useful:

Title: What we know about our members after 10 months of Community


  • Timeline of the past year - how the community project panned out and key milestones
  • Headline membership stats - number of members, ratio of customers:staff, % of accounts represented in the community, $MRR of accounts represented
  • Location data - where in the world are our members? (Salesforce contact data)
  • Industry data - which verticals do our members belong to? (Salesforce account data)
  • How long have they been using our product? Mixpanel data (this was awesome, we identified that the majority of members are beginners)
  • How often do they use our product? Mixpanel data looking at weekly engagement of members vs non-members
  • How likely are they to keep using our product? Mixpanel data looking at retention of members vs non-members
  • What do they do in the Community? Segmenting users using InSided data into categories: Lurkers, Contributors, Superusers and churned/lost members
  • Why did they join the Community? What was the reason the user gave when registering for an account?
  • What do they enjoy engaging with? Categorised posts into broad themes: Discussions, news, questions, resources, guides, networking. This was an interesting comparison with the “Why did they join the Community” piece.
  • Where have they found value in the Community? InSided data on content helpfulness votes. We’ve got this turned on for everything in our Community, so we scored all posts based on number of votes and then applied a second ranking based on likes. 


Really bloody good report - given me lots to think about for 2022!