How do you stay on top of responding to posts?

  • 18 August 2023
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It’s amazing to see the peer to peer collaboration on this Community - thanks to you. 🙏 

Let’s make this discussion primarily around the Product questions that get posted.

Responding to posts

Pl share how you stay on top of new posts:

1.From the activity set options on the Community dropdown menu options


2.The email notifications from your Subscription to a feature sub-category?


3.From the Help others timeline at the bottom of the homepage?





Question for you

What is your style of discovering fellow Community members’ posts that need responding to? 1, 2 or 3 or all of them?


On the other hand is..

Asking questions

And I think the user would be happier if they did not have to choose between the exact feature module (among 12) and be able to just submit it for the parent product in a common bucket


So simplifying the Category structure is definitely on my mind but let’s start this discussion from the Effective Answering of the posts angle.

*P.S. This is only related to Discussion and Question posts on the Community and not Ideas.

9 replies

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Tagging our hottest contributors of the month:

@darkknight, @matthew_lind, @dayn.johnson, @bradley, @alizee     

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For me it’s either via email or through posts in the Gainsight Global Admin Slack community. I rarely interact with the community directly, unless it’s to create a post or search for something specific, so I don’t use the activity set options on the Community dropdown menu options.

I didn’t know about the “Help others” tab - that’s good to know.

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​​+1 to what @darkknight said:

Email notifications on posts I’ve liked/commented on, primarily. I’ll typically scroll through the Slack community to see if I can chime in there, as well. Every so often I’ll scroll the groups I’m in and will scan the recent posts to see what’s been asked recently.

Most of my recent engagements have stemmed from the betas I’ve been involved in, as there seem to be more people who can offer insights on those in the online community, and it seems a more direct avenue to answers directly from Gainsight employees.

The “Help Others” tab is a good one!

And on the original post, I definitely like the idea of simplifying the forum category.

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I was properly community-disabled at the beginning, but I actually organically check it like I would check a newsfeed, if I did that.

Since I’ve discovered the Help Others section, I organically check it a couple of times a week to see what’s unanswered and could be answered swiftly. 

For upvotes, it’s a tie between the “Most Recently Active Tab”  and the Upvote channel in Slack. 

For the rest, it’s email notifications from the threads and topics I’m subscribed to and for groups, like beta groups, I check organically throughout the duration of the beta because, well, I’m often in the group.

Like Dayn, I agree on simplifying categories and I would also like that the suggested topic “search” when creating ideas be more reliable in finding similar ideas. How many times have I posted something someone else had already posted but I couldn’t find...

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This post has me wondering aloud, @anirbandutta, if a “How to Navigate the GameChanger Community” video, instruction set, or some other orienting material would be useful. (Or perhaps I eat my own words because it’s already here.) The variation in how just this subset of folks discover and navigate the community has me realizing we all approach this differently, likely with a “whatever we did the first time we sort of stick with” approach.

I tend to watch the “Help Others” and “Unanswered Questions” sections, and generally do not navigate into sub-sections of the CS area. If I’m on a mission to discover a discussion, then I use search, inputting likely keywords, and again not really using the products and product categories for wayfinding.

I have a hunch--and only a hunch--that as a Gainsight Admin or Gainsight User, I’m a generalist, and I go across nearly all areas of the community, and thus I don’t want subscriptions to categories (#InboxOverload). However, were I a Gainsight Product Manager, now I’m very interested in keeping tabs on my product area, and those product or function delineations are helpful.

So I’ll say this. I don’t utilize the product or categories heavily in discovery or navigation, but if removing them lessens the awareness, communication with and access to Gainsters who can have an impact on our discussions, then I’m “all in” for keeping them.

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For me, it’s mostly the posts I’ve either created, or subbed to by commenting/voting for them. Depending on what project I’m working on or what my schedule is like I may seek out related posts to either comment or create if they don’t exist, or chuck an upvote at. Sometimes people tag me in posts too :)

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Personally, I search/review across everything.


I prefer slack because it’s more of a conversation with people and faster to action. While I’m at my computer I review every comment said across all work groups, channels, and DMs. I prefer to have no red dot on my slack so I can know when I need to go back through and review.


However, recently I have been using community just to further help people and track what is going on with the product. However, I do this like I do slack. I go to the main community page and scroll through the “Recently Active” section till I see a post from the last time I scrolled through.


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This has been an insightful exercise many times over, THANK YOU so much friends :) 

Let me try to summarize what I read:

  1. ☝️ Slack dominates daily browsing due to the awesome place that our admins have made it, coupled with the fact that it literally is on everyone's desktops. 🎊 Huge Shoutout to the Global Admins Slack!
  2. 🗞️️ The Recently Active timeline is this broad daily newsfeed and ‘Help others’ is a neat shortcut to turn the Samaritan mode on.
  3. ♻️ We naturally keep engaging on the posts we have created (the auto subscription for our content aids that)
  4. 📊 While Categories ‘are valuable for staying informed about product changes, updates, and discussions’ more from Gainsight to the world. ‘Groups’ trump Categories for focused engagement: Betas being a typical example
  5. 🌊 Subscriptions to categories = #inboxoverload so Subscriptions are not too relied upon either by Customers or PMs or anyone for that matter, as
  6. 🔦 Searching on keywords from the Search box to find relevant Content is the reality vs following the Product Category > Sub-category Nav guide rails 

In summary, everyone has expressed their views in favour of Navigation simplification  

Removes need for additional Navigational awareness for new users to get ask their questions and get support, and if relevant Gainsight teams (PMs, Support are able to be in the loop of the inquiries), it’s fair to conclude that the 12 CS sub-category partitioning won’t be missed.


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As we enter into the Community merger from Monday Dec 11

Let’s give you a sneak peek of how the dropdown site nav is going to change.

One category per Product, some new categories and some re-grouping of your favorite categories.