How does the Gainsight Community bring value to you?

  • 8 December 2023
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The Gainsight Community feels like Home to me. 

Anyone can take part - including the occasionally socially awkward people like me 😅. In joining, I found what I like to call my « external colleagues », which make such a difference for those of us in one-man band operations.

The time you spend helping out you get back tenfold as these interactions make you a better, sharper and more thoughtful CSOps or Digital CS practitioner.




There’s obviously a longer story behind this. And it goes like this:

I really did struggle with the concept of Community initially. It just didn’t feel natural to me (for many reasons). Why should I expose my struggles in public, right? 

Couldn’t have been more wrong… 

I started with idea posting for something that was already possible and I haven’t figured (that was a bit of a shame moment for me, but that’s just not the vibe here), which was followed by posting more ideas for things that didn’t exist with very little votes. So I was very much an idea poster, not a question poster and clearly not a helper.

That didn’t make me click and it’s the ‘Help Others’ tab that did because it created that opportunity to think through others’ problems and help them figure out solutions which in turn helped solve for similar (or not!) challenges. And that distance from the problem, it changes everything in how your approach it and the solution design.

In my opinion, that’s what every new member should consider: post ideas, post questions but also look at others’ questions and think through how you’d approach it if you had to

And that’s when I then got space warped into the gravitational singularity that this Community is. 

So I’m curious:

  • What are your Community highlights?
  • How does it help you on a personal level?

In my experience, it was being in this cosmopolitan space where awkwardness is welcome. Not to say welcomed to be awkward 🤣 

  • And on a professional level?

For me, it’s helping others engineer solutions is making me a better solution designer. I especially like responding to questions I don’t have answers to off the top of my head so I can explore the arcane of Gainsight. 

2 replies

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Whoah! That’s the most eclectic set of adjectives ever written for the Community we’ve been trying to build at Gainsight! 🎉🎉🎉

‘A Cosmopolitan space of ideas, questions, and awkward charm to explore the arcane of Gainsight’.

Well, who knew we'll be able to build a community that feels like home?

Thank you so much for embracing the Community @alizee

Your journey from being a wary explorer to an idea poster to becoming 'space warped into gravitational singularity' on the Community is truly Epic 🚀 

So, in Steve Job’s words “Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently.

...Let's continue transforming 'awkward' into 'awesome' together!

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Thank you so much for loving our community, being part of it & elevating it as well for everyone @alizee 

Anirban rightly said that awkward is the new awesome!

To more such moments on our community together. 😍