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  • 27 March 2024
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How do I add new profile fields to the User Profile that get populated via our SFDC integration? Right now we are pulling CSM and their Experience (Customer, prospect, partner). Thanks!


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you’d need to automate the completing of them via a tool like Zapier, Workato, etc. I’m not aware of anything in the Salesforce integration that will do this automatically for you. It just links the contact and the account record for salesforce tracking and the engagement dashboard. 

First, you’d add the custom profile fields to the profile setup

Next, the Salesforce integration would sync the community profile with their contact

Then the work you need to do comes in: 

  1. Something in Salesforce that triggers the automation
    1. We do something similar in automating the Account Type from the Contact to update a field on the Community Member (salesforce) object. When that field is updated it triggers the automation
  2. Take the data from the field and update the profile field via the API 


We’re not doing this as profile fields, but rather custom user roles for Account Type (plus something similar for a few companies). 


Thanks @DannyPancratz !