Analytics: User & category / topic level data?

  • 16 March 2023
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I havent found anything related with these but just to make sure:

There are situations when I have to know

  1. How many registered user have visited certain child category + how many times + their nicknames
  2. How many registered user have posted to the certain child category + how many times + their nicknames
  3. Additionally: How many likes they have given and received there + their nicknames

Is there way to find these out?

These datas are basic data in Khoros, hopefully with inSided as well.

3 replies

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Hi @revote 


For #1 I think you can use Google Analytics to drill into specific pages, BUT it would not give registered user info.


#2 you can get from a POST export.

From the csv file you can pivot table and filter out the roles you do not want to include. 

Below you can see I have grouped by Category (category_title) then Sub Category (subforum_title) and finally by User (post_creator). In my case, I removed anyone not with the Registered role.


I am asking about #3. I do not think we have that available.

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Thanks @Alistair FIeld.  Now when I saw your info about #2 I think I have already asked it before? If so I am sorry about that. Anyways, I have to test that.

Generally, this is good info and good to know it is possible to find out them. Although this isnt so handy, I am comparing this to Khoros now. They have out of the box view, to all of these metrics.

Ps. I think this is the most transparent info anyone have ever given. Interesting to see your actual data 😃

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I tested this pivoting now and it seems works for me pretty good, so thanks again @Alistair FIeld for the tip.

Although this is kinda workaround so I will raise a idea, to get out of the box view to the Control / Analytics.