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I know that we want all questions to receive a Best Answer, but I wanted to see if there is a benchmark for Best Answers for every question. 

It continues to be a metric that we track and want to report out on, but it requires manual work (marking best answers) so we are not consistently at 100% so I wanted to ask if there was a benchmark that we can compare to. Thank you!

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Hi @cstrange - Our yearly target is 75% best answer. It does take cleanup efforts, including reaching out to those who it’s unclear if they got an answer. 

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While it’s not exactly a benchmark, we often say that targeting 60% is a good baseline if Q&A and self-service are important use cases for your community.  As you say, @cstrange, it does require effort and it’s not always realistically possible to pick a best answer for every topic, for a variety of reasons.  We have seen communities who maintain a 100% best answer rate - but this requires very heavy curation and moderation and is really only possible if you convert topics that can’t have a best answer into a conversation.  In general, though, 60% and above is very good and gets you to a good place in comparison with many other communities.  And @Chris Hackett - indeed, 75% is a great target.