How to subscribe to new spam notifications

  • 31 January 2024
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Is there a way to receive notifications about new spam content? It would be nice for moderators to review new spam as soon as it comes in to catch false positives without much delay to a legitimate user’s post.

I think there isn’t a setting for this in the system, so I was looking at setting it up via webhooks and a Zap notification, but I don’t see a webhook for new spam events.


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2 replies

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Great idea. I would also set up a Zap notificaiton based on webhooks if there’s an event we can subscribe to. 

None that I’m aware of at the moment. 

Hopefully there’s a hidden webhook that could be made public. @olimarrio helped make that happen on similar question of mine a few weeks back (creating new public tags)

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Hi, @logicalhare! Thanks for your input, @DannyPancratz!


This is done intentionally - we wouldn’t want a spam user signing into your community, and beginning to spam out content flooding (and overwhelming) your moderators’ inboxes/notifications. We generally recommend checking the spam content folder at least every couple of days. If you feel like you are encountering a lot of spam, you could increase these checks to daily or multiple times per day. The thing to remember is that our Spam Prevention will get better the more you use it, so it should improve over time, in terms of avoiding false positives.


As Danny pointed out, you could submit an idea for a new webhook or connect with your CSM/Community Success team, to submit such a request.


A final suggestion - if you do have ‘verified’ users that you know to be good actors and you can trust, you could create a custom role and give this custom role the property to be excluded from the Spam Checker. You would need to assign this role to the users you need to, but this could solve this problem for your ‘trusted core’ of users.








I hope this helps!