List items in Moderation using Customer Communities API

  • 16 February 2024
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How can I get all the items currently in the following Moderation queues using the Customer Communities API

  1. Pending
  2. Reported
  3. Spam
  4. Trash Can: I’ve tried, when I’ve confirmed an item is in the Trash Can, but the API returns nothing:
    {"result": []}



10 replies

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I don’t have this use case, but I was looking at an API operation that might be helpful. 

It looks like the unified content (all topic types) doesn’t have all the fields, but the specific topic types like this one for questions do. 

excerpt from the payload for GET List Questions

You could run API calls for all the relevant types you’re moderating, and then filter by if any of those areas is true.

Thanks @DannyPancratz!  I was trying to get the questions API call you suggested to work, but it would mean first retrieving all questions we have and then assessing the moderation statuses.

It would be nice to simply have a call that can return  items in those moderation queues directly :)

  1. we’re looking at automatically hiding topics and replies that have been reported 
  2. We are also trying to add a Slack integration to send our Moderators a daily notification of the total number of items currently in each moderation queue.
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On #1. In case you didn’t know: There’s a webhook you could use as a trigger for that. :tada:

On #2, it might be worth asking @Sebastian if you can be part of the Control Home beta. Some cool things GS is working on might solve that for you, including immediately in this beta. 

Appreciate your input @DannyPancratz.


  1. We’ll give the webhook a shot. We had another method we wanted to experiment with, but looks like the webhook should work.
  2. I’d love to test drive the Control Home beta @Sebastian :) 
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@nampreetatsafe Just enrolled your instance :) Also sent you an invite to the beta group. Looking forward to your feedback there!

@Sebastian Do you have a spare seat in this beta for our community?

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Absolutely @TomW! Just enabled it for you, and sent you an invite for the beta group. Looking forward to your feedback!

Thanks @Sebastian!  At quick glance I like the additional options on the dashboard.

Though, for our workflow/process, I still think it would be nice to add an API call to return the items that are in each moderation area (Reported, Pending, and Spam).

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Gotcha @nampreetatsafe! For this, would you mind creating an idea for this, and also sharing your use cases this should enable in that idea? 

Thanks @Sebastian!  I’ve posted the idea here: