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To those of you who have an open community and allow for your prospects to join your community, what rank are you giving them in your community? I was thinking about creating one called Prospect but wanted to see if there are any other good ideas. Thanks!


Best answer by Chris Hackett 3 July 2024, 19:46

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Hi @baraica - Our main discussion forums are completely open. Prospects would register on our portal as a “registered guest” and then have the ability to participate in the open forums. If/when they become customers or partners, their role is changed to reflect that and they can participate in gated customer/partner only areas. We do have a couple partner prospect roles but as it doesn’t get them additional access, they aren’t used much.

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For us, they get the same base rank (Creator) as everyone else. 

On the backend, they get a a custom user role of Prospect (and don’t have the custom user role of Customer/Partner/Employee). This allows both tracking and segmented analytics as well as adjusting permissions for a few places they can’t visit in the community.