Action Execution Schedule - What is executed outside of it?

  • 27 June 2024
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Is it correct that eval steps and wait timers are not affected by the Action Execution Schedule? If I want emails to only go out on Tuesday and Thursday, I just need to wait step participants into the dead zone between live days?

The docs say "The Action Execution Schedule feature helps admins set the schedule for when actions such as emails, surveys, and APIs should be executed for the customers.' Which makes it unclear if those are the ONLY actions that are processed during the scheduled time, or if there are others





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I’ve interpreted the documentation to mean Participants go into a bit of a pause until the Action Execution Schedule opens.

Put another way, I build as if the “Send Email” or “Send Survey” steps include a “built in” delay until the Action Execution Schedule window is reached.

I concur with your interpretation...if you want emails on Tuesday and Thursday only, then you build the Action Execution Schedule for Tuesday and Thursday, and you build the Delays or Evaluates after an email such that your Participants land in the dead zone (love that visual), at which point the Participant is queued up waiting for the next open window to send email.