Add a CTA when the last chatter post for a customer is > 30 days

  • 25 June 2019
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Hi, I've been asked by my managment team to find a way to add a CTA when the last Chatter Post for a customer is >30 days. Has anyone attempted this? Where do I start?


Best answer by aditya_marla 24 October 2019, 08:37

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4 replies

Is there any salesforce object where the chatter entries made are stored? If so you can use the object in rules engine to create a CTA (Also if you use timeline for note taking we can do that using the Activity Timeline object in gainsight)

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@psutela Did you get a chance to view the comments by @aditya_marla ?

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We ended up creating a custom field in Salesforce on the Customer Info object that is fed with the last Chatter Post made by a CSE (using SFDC Profiles). And we use this field in two new CTAs - one at 60 days (as a reminder) and another at 90 days when the CTA is past due.

Got it, thanks for sharing this. Also have you tried using the timeline available on the CTA (i.e use timeline for taking updates on the CTA vs chatter…..since all that data is stored and available in the ‘activity timeline’ object)