Add Company Logo To All Snapshot Slides

  • 4 April 2018
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Is it possible to add our company logo to not only the Title Slide in Success Plan Snapshot but also to the bottom corner of each slide on the Success Plan Snapshot?  For example:


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7 replies

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Hi Kate - If your logo is part of the base template, it should show up on all slides. Here's a Gainsight example where our powerpoint template has the logo always in the bottom right corner:

Hi Manu - that's what I thought but my base template includes a logo on both color ways and the logo is not showing up in the exported success plan powerpoint. 

Only on the title slide:

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Hi Kate, It might be best to send your template over to our support team to investigate the problem. 
The support team confirmed that it is not possible to replicate the logo on PPT slides that are generated through Gainsight.  I think it would be valuable to describe this better in the documentation.
Hey Kate,

Sorry for the previous update on the support Incident. The template we saw didn't have the logo on rest of the slides. We are working on this again to help you see the logo. :) 
Ok - I was able to update my PPT template for Success Snapshots and it now includes our logo on each slide!  Man, those slide masters are finicky!  Thanks to everyone who helped.
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Hi everyone, the relevant support article is updated, based on the above post. Please feel free to reach out to us at for any feedback/suggestions.

Thank you for posting this!