Adding an "Action" column to a related list in the C360

  • 5 February 2021
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Hello Community,

I’m trying to add a new section to the C360 - a related list. The report is a list of campaigns and initiatives from SFDC.

Nevertheless, I don’t see the “Action” column being added. I’d like to give the opportunity to my users to view / edit the related SFDC object with just one click (they do have permissions).

So far I’ve only found posts here with the problem that other community members cannot hide this column.. Well I cannot make it appear! :D

We are using NXT. Do you have any ideas?



4 replies

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@abeck0625 Thanks for writing this here! This is with the product team now.

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Hey @abeck0625 sorry for the delayed response. This seems unusual we do give the action column for all the SFDC reports. Can you please contact our support, we can investigate why this is happening.

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Hi Gopal,

Thanks for your reply!

I actually merge these two SFDC objects in the Data Designer, so I’m not directly using the SFDC objects for the report.

Would it still be possible to add an “Action” column?

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We currently do not support these actions on data designer objects @abeck0625 . The action column is available only for SFDC object based reports and low volume transactional object based reports as of now.
I will update here if pick this up in future. 
Thank you for sharing you feedback here.