Approval Workflow - Onboarding to CSM - Best Practice?

  • 18 August 2016
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Currently we have an approval workflow within Salesforce used for transferring opportunities from the Onboarding Specialist to the CSM. 30 days after a customer is launched, the Onboarding Specialist is prompted to update notes and submit the opportunity for approval. The manager receives the approval request, and can accept or reject. If accepted, the CSM handoff is approved (updates a checkbox for CSM approved = true, adds timestamp, updates lifecycle stage from 'adoption' to 'retention). 

Are there best practices for creating an approval workflow in Gainsight? Right now, as long as the entry criteria is met, the Onboarding Specilist just clicks the "Submit for Approval" button on the opportunity. Is it possible to somehow incorperate this button into the CS350 page or CTA? 

I would love to hear how any other gainsight customer handle similar scenarios and workflows!

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Hi Osho,

At Gainsight, we have configured a CTA type called Approval to obtain approval for new processes from CSMs. The CTA would contain custom fields for -

Approval Status (checkbox)

Approved By

Approval Date

Approval Comments

Once the CTA is assigned to the CSM , he/she would approve/reject the process, update the relevant fields and close the CTA. A rule can be used to load approval status from the CTA to the corresponding field on the Opportunity object.