Assigining a playbook to a Salesforce report

  • 21 June 2019
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I would like to get some feedback on what would be the preferable option to the following process.

I have created a list of accounts whithin saleforce using report.

I would like to assign a gainsight playbook to those accounts in the report exclusively.

How should I go about it?




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4 replies

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Create a rule to match the same criteria against your account object, then for your action you can "Create CTA" and then make sure the CTA is configured to use the desired playbook?

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Hi @romain - You would want to use the Rules Engine in Gainsight to query your data with the same logic you have in the report and then have a CTA created for those accounts. In the creation of the CTA, you would assign the Playbook as part of the rule.

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I win 😉 Hope you are well sir! Thinking back to our chat in the airport after Pulse... hope you enjoyed the link I (think) I emailed to you!

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Must have been like seconds apart! I'm doing well and thanks for the link!