Assigning a playbook / CTA to multiple customers at the same time

  • 14 February 2022
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Is there a way for a user to create a CTA and attach a playbook and then assign it to multiple customers at one time? I saw a thread about having to manually add success plans to customers and the rules engine was the suggestion.  However, I just created 75 of the same CTAs for 75 different customers.  If I could have created one CTA and told Gainsight which customers to add it to, that would have saved me a LOT of time. 

1 reply

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@amandatelford You can definitely get Gainsight’s Rules Engine to do that heavy lifting.

You’ll build a Bionic Rule.

In the Rule Setup, you’ll specify the criteria of the customers who should receive the CTA. (Customers with ARR over $50k, or customers starting with the letter A, or customers with a renewal date in the next 4 months, or whatever you want)

In the Rule Action, you’ll specify the CTA Name, Type, etc. and also the Playbook, if desired

This can feel like a lot to configure, but I guarantee if you master this skill, you’ll have a powerful tool at your command. More at this link: