Automated Slack Messages into a channel via Sally

  • 8 November 2023
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Wondering if there’s a use case or if anyone has done something similar with the Sally/Slack integration.

I want an automated message to post into a channel for when a CSM has been allocated to a new company record, so that our Sales team have visibility of this. Our team work quite heavily on Slack (there’s a Sales channel that highlights new deals) - so it makes sense to provide them instant visibility of who the new account manager is 

8 replies

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Good news, @mattjay98 , that’s very doable, though it does require several steps on both the Gainsight and the Slack side to get it running.


@bholmes included this when teaching at Pulse Academy Live 2023. I’m tagging him to see if he’s got the instructions in a ready-to-go format, and in the meantime I’ll see if I can dig up my notes.


Thank you so much! I’ll keep an eye on this thread!

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@mattjay98 We send a few automated messages from Gainsight to Slack today (not using Gainsight Sally). Slack has a great block kit builder as well which we found to be pretty helpful when writing the payload in External Actions. Happy to offer some pointers if needed!

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We use Zapier for this (but connected via Salesforce). 

Rattle have an integration direct from Gainsight → Slack though so that could be used too. 

Obviously both require those additional tools (so mean mean additional costs if you don’t already have) but just highlighting in case already in your stack. 

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Would love to see how this is being used by @kstim @bholmes @matthew_lind 

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@lpicone We’re using slack notifications to @ mention users and surface important information related to the following:

  1. When a manually updated health score measure specific to our org is reset to 0 due to not being updated in at least 12 weeks
  2. When new business is identified
  3. Company wins are identified and surfaced to appropriate users / teams

One of our big goals going into building out these notifications was to find ways to notify teams of important information without using CTAs, because we didn’t want to bombard our CSMs with CTA assignments. We’ve been able to achieve this since we’re using slack to notify users for the above notifications, and they seem to like and appreciate it. There’s some decent interaction with these notifications as well, mostly FYSAs and “good job”/kudos-type responses. 

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Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lateness of the response, I’ve been super busy.

I’m cutting the Slack exercise out of the workbook for you all, but some things to keep in mind:

  • The optional portion (highlighted in gray) will be MANDATORY for you. I tweaked the exercise to save the attendees from having to make their own Slack workspace.
  • Due to this, portions of the exercise reference specific webhooks etc from MY workspace - you will need to replace those with your items.
  • I think there was an issue with how the script for the payload was pasted/translated when going from a .doc to a .pdf, so there is a second file called payload that you will use to properly copy and paste.
  • This is set for use in one of our demo environments, so objects, fields, etc may need to be adjusted for your environment.
  • That may be it, but if not, pretend I said whatever other issue here :)

Enjoy, and have a happy and safe weekend/holiday!


Brian Holmes

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The new Slack Workflow Builder functionality makes it super easy for anyone to set up a webhook.