Benefits and Admin Tips for Using Gainsight's Person Model

  • 14 May 2019
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Hi everyone -

I'm back with a new video that explains the benefits of using Gainsight's Person model, as well as some admin tips and tricks.

In this video, I cover the following:

Benefits of using Person Model

  1. Required for Email to timeline

  2. Required for configuring @ mention in timeline

  3. More compatible with Survey 2.0 and Journey Orchestrator

  4. Person records can be editable straight from the C360

  5. Required for using our new People Maps feature

Tips and Tricks when using Person Model

  1. Remember that you can add custom fields in either the Person or Company Person objects.

  2. You might want to create a rule that makes sure changes made to Person records get synced back to your source CRM's contact records.

  3. Remember to set up your derived mappings appropriately when creating the setup action.

3 replies

Awesome video @spencer_engel !

Another benefit of using the Gainsight People model is that you can associate the same Person to multiple companies/relationships.

In the Person section, you then get hyperlinks ot the corresponding C360s/R360s.

This gives you a lot more context about the Person rather than just viewing that Person from a single context. All your reports will also reflect this where you can view all the Usage Data, Survey Responses etc. of that Person across all Companies/Relationships that you've associated them with.



Hi @spencer_engel, the video is no longer available. Could you please re-upload?

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Thanks for pointing that out! Not sure what happened there, but try this: