Can i use the Rules Engine Action Type: Load to SFDC Object to upsert records in the "Call to Action

  • 17 October 2018
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We have been trying to update a number of CTAs from an existing CTA type to a new one.

The approach was through the Rules Engine, Action Type: Load to SFDC Object. 

The problem we encountered was that, although we have access to 'Call to Action" object in SFDC, we were unable to find the "Call to Action" object to grant permission in the "Permissions - Rules Load Actions" functionality.

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Hey Alexandru,

You can only Create or Close a CTA using the Rules Engine.  Frustrating, I agree.  However, you could use the DataLoader to accomplish this.  Just remember to grab the CTA Id.  Manual process yes - but there are a few post around the community by admins wanting more access to the CTA Object.
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Thanks for the input, Sagan. I'll follow those and keep an eye on any change covering this in the future. I'm currently going to Data load the updates.