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  • 29 January 2018
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Hi, I was looking through documentation on adding chatter to CTAs and found this helpful resource ( but couldn't find anything on enabling chatter for Relationships. All of our customers have relationships associated with them, and we don't use any Customer CTAs. 

Has anyone configured this successfully? Thanks!

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3 replies

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Hi Diana! I recently went through configuring this for our relationship CTAs. 

To do so I navigated to Adminstration > Workflow > Calls to Action. And from this page, I selected the Relationship tab at the top, selected the Relationship Type and then selected "Call to Action" from the picklist for "Make chatter post for CTAs".

Hope this helps!

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Hi Diana, I really appreciate your ask, Please let us know if you need more help here. 

@Pele, That's really excellent info. Thanks for posting .
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Hi everyone, we have updated the Chatter: Integration Overview based on the above post. Please feel free to provide any feedback/suggestions at

Thanks for posting!