CS CSQLs to SFDC Leads - is it possible to add additional fields to push to SFDC?

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Hi folks,


We’re looking to deploy CSQLs syncing to the Lead object in SFDC.  Lead records in our Salesforce instance require certain fields to be populated to pass validation.  The payload is currently only passing the following fields:

  • Company
  • Description
  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • LeadContact
  • LeadStatus
  • Source

Is it possible to add additional fields to be synced?  I’m unable to find a way, either in table view or detail view, to add the fields we require to sync to SFDC.  I’m hoping there is functionality I just can’t see, rather than having to store the leads as GS Leads only then configuring a separate rule to push to SFDC.


Appreciate any insight folks have!





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Following! We are evaluating the possible implementation of CSQL and these potential gotchas are important 🕵️

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@romihache I spoke with our COM on this yesterday; confirmed there is no functionality in the UI to add additional fields to the CSQL Lead/Opportunity payload.  It may be possible to have a backend team make changes, but I was asked if that was a route I wanted to take I’d need to submit a support ticket, and support would be able to check and confirm if it is possible or not.


Everything considered, my decision is to configure CSQLs sync options to Gainsight only (Lead records created in the GS Leads MDA) then use a rule to push to Salesforce.  The thought process there is 1) may be quicker to build/deploy the solution than a support ticket > backend team and 2) allow us to control the setup - if we needed to change the configuration in the future then we’re not dependent on a GS backend team making changes.  I’ve still to check if it’s possible to use RTR to sync to SFDC Leads object, but I’m presuming it will need to be a Horizon rule running on cadence.

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I really appreciate the walkthrough and advice @Stuart !
I’m saving this conversation for future reference

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It’s worth noting that taking this route will mean the lead will always be created by the integration user in SFDC; if you need to track Leads by individual users I’m guessing this would require another field to be passed (and maybe created?) in Salesforce, and some sort of workflow in SFDC to take the actual lead creator and overwrite the created by field in SFDC.  We’re not tracking Leads with this granularity.

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Again, thank you for taking the time to explain this in such depth! 😊

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This needs to be turned into an idea to fix the status quo. I can’t express my disappointment at having to build a feature that exists from scratch because it’s lacking key functionality.