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  • 25 September 2018
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It looks like there is no direct way to report on Call To Action to get CTA Flagged Date. It would be helpful to manage risks in a better way Is there any plan to show the CTA Flagged Date in Call to Action Object?

6 replies

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Hi Krishna,

Thanks for sharing this. Could you please provide more details on the use-case.

This can also be achieved via Salesforce History Tracking OR Salesforce Process Builder alternatively you can use our Rule engine.
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Hi Sai,

One of the customers is using Risk Management Element. As part of it, we created few reports on Call to Action object to see how many Risk CTAs are there, How many flagged risk CTAs are there etc.. But they are not able to track how many days back that particular CTA is flagged. If it is flagged 14 days back and it is not resolved then we have a different strategy to work with the customer to mitigate the risk.

The customer does not want to make it that much complex to build it in SFDC. History tracking is not enabled on this object and if they enable, they need to see the ways to combine the CTA data with this History Data. They do not have dedicated SFDC Admin to build the Process builders. 

It would be helpful to the customers if we can provide a date to show when a particular CTA is flagged like Close Date. we are populating Close Date automatically when it is closed from UI. In the same way, we can see the possibilities to populate the Flagged date as well. This will be helpful to the customers. 
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Hi Krishna,

There's no OOTB way to get the Flagged date, but this can be achieved by adding a formula field on CTA object as "IF(IsFlagged__c, TODAY(), null)"

Note: If its unchecked, then the value will again become Null
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Hi Hitesh,

No. This formula will not work. It will always give us the Current Date, instead of Flagged Date.

Assume that, today you flagged so Isflagged field is TRUE and this formula gives us the Today's Date. When you access this same field tomorrow, It will give us the Tomorrow's Date as IsFlagged is TRUE and TODAY() will be returned.
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Ok gotcha.
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Hi @krishna_reddy_k, have there been any updates made to include a flagged date?