CTA or Email Creation Based on Field Value Changes

  • 27 June 2024
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Our Customer Success Department is requesting the following. Appreciate any input or recommendations.

  1. Creation of a CTA based on account status change. The CTA should be triggered when the Account Success Type field is updated to a new value. Can Rules act based on the field value changes i.e. Rotational to Focused Account? 
  2. Triggering of an email if a field value is updated. I found guidance related to a CTA task triggering an email but not a rule. Can rules send emails based on the requirement? 

I attempted to share these questions during Admin Office hours but received no response. 

Thank you for all your assistance. 


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Hey @Marc.Hogan my initial thought was that you could set up a historical tracking object to track what the current account status is and what it was previously. I am not sure how to set this up, but I did do some digging and found the post below with a comment from @aditya_marla super helpful which may be a better option.

To summarize, you could create a new field to store the previous value of your account status field, then use rules to compare the two values to see if they’ve changed. You could probably use this same method for your email use case as well via Journey Orchestrator (using query builder as a source).

Could be something worth exploring for your use case!


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Hi @Marc.Hogan 
Kathryne’s suggestions are on point, if it helps, adding some examples

For a “tracker object”, this is how our Low Volume object looks like. We chose an LVO because the fields we are tracking are stored in Company, and the LVOs have the added value that you can use Real Time Rules to insert records so there is no need to have one “before” to compare to.


A different approach (if the field is stored in Company) is to leverage the Automatic Milestone… please check out the documentation as it has some limitations. Then can use the data from activity timeline as your source. For example, this is how a Company Status change looks like


Hope this helps!


Thank you everyone for your responses. This information is very helpful!!