CTA Requirement intake Ideas

  • 14 September 2022
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I am looking for good ideas on how to capture requirements from my Gainsight users such as Ideas for CTA’s, Rules, Playbooks etc…

During implementation we used Smartsheet but that was for a specific audience and my goal is to setup something like a Microsoft Teams Form to allow requestors to fill out necessary information in order for GS Admins to create.

Currently I have a generic intake form via Microsoft Teams but that is limited and wasn’t sure what else others may be using.





2 replies

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@jberberichpaycor Similar thing - we have a Slack form.  From that, create a JIRA ticket that has additional fields and info.


We are currently using Coda to take in requests. This has been helpful for non-technical requests, such as changes in email templates, updates to CTA fields, etc.