Customize User Profile in Gainsight CS

  • 14 May 2024
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We would like to enable our CSMs to add some custom fields on their profile, ie title, links, etc. to be then used as tokens in email templates.  Is there a way to customize what fields are displayed/edited on the user profile in Gainsight CS (not Community)?

As an admin I can edit the user profile and add the custom info manually but obviously I do not want to grant the same user access to all CSMs. 

The only workaround I found is a report out of a new low volume custom object where the fields are editable. I’d have to duplicate the user object more or less to achieve this. 



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To my knowledge, there’s no ability to customize the user-facing User Profile page in Gainsight CS.

One work-around I’ve seen here, available if you’re syncing in Users from an external source such as your CRM, is to customize the page there, and sync in the helpful fields.

For example, Salesforce does support customization of data entry on a User’s own profile. If you customize that page layout, your users can add data there, which would become available in CS (but not be visible on the Profile page in CS).