Customizing Fields on the Relationship Contact

  • 4 December 2019
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We are exploring using the Relationship Contact object to drive outreach for our contacts instead of relying on messy Salesforce data. I am struggling to find where I can even edit the fields on this object as I do not see it in Data Management. There is an object for Relationship Person but not for Relationship Contact. 


I would like to be able to customize the Role field to be a dropdown rather than a text string. Is there a way I can customize the fields on this object to make it work for our needs and drive outreach from it?

3 replies

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Hi @kytpowell – Relationship Contact is a Salesforce Object and Fields can be added/edited from “Setup” in Salesforce. 


Not sure what the recommended best practice is for managing contacts in Gainsight these days. i.e. We’ve used Relationship Contacts for a long time, but now we also sync Relationship Contact records to Relationship Person so our CSMs can leverage Email2Timeline. I don’t know if the current best practice is to just use the Person construct– may be worth brining up with your Gainsight COM.

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Thanks Pele! I saw the Relationship Person object which I was curious about. We use Email to timeline just with Relationship contacts right now. Do you know what the benefits of using Person over contacts is?

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In general, I think the benefit of building out Person, Company Person and Relationship Person is that new Gainsight features will likely leverage the Person construct. e.g. Email to Timeline, People Maps and more to come I presume. 

I may be wrong, but I think in order for the Email to Timeline feature to automatically map activities to the correct C360 or R360, the Person construct needs to be used– i.e. when you cc/bcc a Timeline email address, Gainsight will look for matching Person records to know which C360/R360 the Timeline Activity should be posted to (else, the Activity will be posted as a draft that will need to be mapped manually).