Deadline dates for service work, advice needed

  • 15 October 2017
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Thanks in advance from a newbie for any help.

I've been asked to create a playbook that covers a professional services workflow. This is how I envision the workflow. 

A CSM is contacted by customer requesting that we initiate a project.  Within 2 days, the CSM should have spoken with the customer and agreed a tentative delivery date. 

From there, all tasks in the playbook should be 'delivery date -x days'. 

Trouble is, I can't figure out how to roll this all into 1 playbook.  Would best practice be having the initial engagement be 1 CTA, that then triggers a separate playbook or am I over-complicating this. 

All advice appreciated. 



3 replies

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Hi Mat,

Have you considered creating a success plan for it?

In success plans,

- you can add all the objectives of the project plan, set due dates and view & update the progress in a Gantt chart view.

- create a template for common project plans

- add a separate playbook for each objective

Here is the documentation for it. Please let me know if this helps with your use-case.


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Hi Mat,

How many total steps do you envision the process taking and over what period of time is the process typically completed?

For objectives that are shorter in total duration and able to be defined in a reasonable (~10) number of steps, then a CTA is fine.

If you have a process that entails a number of objectives and tasks with a total task count somewhere north of 15-20 AND that is represented over a longer period of time (usually over a month), then a success plan might be a better fit.

A success plan is essentially a way to logically group a number of related objective CTAs together as a cohesive unit.

As far as your question around how to have due dates cascade- check out this link and specifically the section "Date: Assign Date + [number] Days"

Also - if you need to change the due date on the CTA, you can optionally cascade the new dates to all tasks, explained here
Thank you both for your advice.  I'm going to stick with the CTA, making use of a playbook.   I was having a mental block yesterday, but I've got the dates sorted now.