Difference between Unified Scorecard Fact and Company

  • 24 February 2021
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Hello Gainsight Admin community,

In this post let us understand what is the difference between Company and Unified Scorecard Fact- Company objects in Gainsight by discussing a couple of use cases.


Company: This is a Gainisight Standard object that stores data of the Companies in MDA. This object is used in Scorecards 2.0, Surveys 2.0, and Journey Orchestrator modules as a lookup to tie records at individual level.

Unified Scorecard Fact-Company: Multiple Scorecards can be assigned to each Company. Every scorecard has multiple Measures which are assigned with individual scores. Records of each score for the respective measure for a specific company inherited from a specific Scorecard is stored in this object.


Points to remember:

  • Unified Scorecard fact -Company object holds data at the scorecard level. So for a given account, multiple scorecards might be applied at different stages and hence this object holds all the details of corresponding scorecards.

  • Whereas Company object holds data for a given company and the current scorecard that is applicable for it.

  • The corresponding measures from a scorecard can be pulled from Unified Scorecard-Fact object by going through the Measure ID lookup


Sample data to understand how data is stored at Scorecard level in Unified scorecard fact object. If you observe it stores data at scorecard level along with displaying the current scorecard applied for a company with the history of the already applied scorecards. Also the overall score is stored as a measure value in this object.



ABC Company




ABC Company




ABC Company

Overall score



ABC Company

Measure A



ABC Company

Measure B



ABC Company

Overall Score



Use Case:

Filter the current scorecard's measures in Unified Scorecard Fact - object.

Solution: Add a filter to the transformation task in the rule where it says 

Unified's scorecard name = company's scorecard name.


Use Case:
Bring the overall Score value of a scorecard

Solution: Add a filter from the measure ID lookup

Measure-> Name = Overall Score.


Hope this post is helpful.


Happy Gainsighting :)


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@shivani Thanks for taking time and sharing this here.