Dropdown of associated Opportunities to show in task

  • 13 July 2020
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Hi Team, 


We have custom implementation related to tasks and timeline. One of my customer would like to create a new activity type called opportunity and display the list of the related opportunities of an account in a drop down, when creating the task. Here, we want to associate with a salesforce opportunity when we sync the task to salesforce. Is it possible?




2 replies

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Hi @hardik_mota,


In Salesforce, the task object has a Related To field. This field is used to connect it to an account. This field includes all the accounts in a dropdown. You can setup another lookup field on Tasks for Opportunities. To have the data filtered for only opportunities that exist on the selected account, you can create a lookup filter

In Gainsight, you can create a new activity type with both the Account lookup and Opportunity lookup but I’m not aware of any capabilities to filter the Opportunity Lookup. I have built Activities like this in the past and was able to create a rule in Nxt to push the GS activity to the specific SFDC task. There’s a few other ways this data could be sent to Salesforce. It just doesn’t have the lookup filter on the opportunities nor the dropdown. 

In theory, you might be able to load all SFDC opportunity names to a GS dropdown and use a dependency on the account name but I’m not sure this is possible because there are limitations on which fields you can make dependent.

Hope this helps. Your use case sounds exactly like how Salesforce could handle this.

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@hardik_mota did you get a chance to view the comments posted by @jean.nairon 

@jean.nairon Thanks for the quick reply!