Error when creating custom record from C360 related list

  • 9 November 2018
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Does anyone have a workaround for this bug? I am trying to create a record on a custom object by using the Add button on the C360 related list. This is the error I am receiving. I assume the code is looking for a field called AccountId, but since it's a custom object, this field does not exist. Any workaround or thoughts? Here is the error message “No access to field AccountId. Either the field was removed from the entity or access to this field was removed.”

5 replies

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Hi Sunil,

Since reports published on the C360 need to filter down to data that's only relevant for that specific account, you need to include a lookup to the AccountID. The way to resolve this on a custom object is to add a new field that is a lookup to the SFDC AccountID field.

See more details here.

Hi Dan,

I do have a lookup to Account. That's the only way you can even get the related list onto the C360 in the first place. There needs to be an Account reference.

You can actually see that lookup from the bottom of the screenshot I included.

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Hi Sunil, sorry, my mistake. I see your screenshot in context better now. If I understand your workflow, you've already added the section to the C360 and the embedded report is working, but when you click the add button (as shown in the animation below) you don't get the SFDC form to enter the new record, correct? Are you able to enter a new record on that custom object directly from SFDC? In the example below, I access the New Opportunity add screen first via a C360 embedded list report and then secondly from the Opportunity section of the SFDC Account page.

click here to see the animation (too large to embed)

Gainsight pushed a hotfix for this issue last night and it is now resolved.