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  • 14 October 2016
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We have about 1800 accounts where we need to upload customer features (licensed and enabled) based upon how fields are in an excel workbook.  What is the best way for us to perform this type of work so that we do not have to manually update the accounts?

2 replies

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Hi Kiersti,

If you don't have too many features, here's one way to do this using the Gainsight UI:

  • Create a new object in MDA from Administration --> Data Management.
  • Select the CSV option to upload your data.

  • Make sure you have the Account Id available as a column in the source file. You'd have to map it as well, like so:

  • Now this new object should be available in the rules engine. You can use the 'Load to Features' action to load data for all 1800 accounts. It would have to be one action per Feature. If there are multiple rows per account in your source file, you'd have to use the 'criteria' section to make sure each action has data filtered for the relevant Feature. If you have one row per account with different columns capturing different Features, then you might be able to just work with 'Show Field'.

A lot of this depends on your file structure, so happy to connect and review further.


What if we do have a lot of features, then what? 

I'm guessing i'd have to use Criteria to identify a specific product and then select the Product and Feature in the setup action (Select Product; Select Feature) to load it? 

That'll be pretty time consuming considering we have hundreds of products. i was hoping there was an easier way?