Gainsight CS/CC Integration without Reliance on Contact Records

  • 22 February 2024
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The current CS/CC integration only works if there is a contact record in CS that matches the contact record in CC (matched based on email address). We do not store all of our user contacts in Gainsight CS, which makes it difficult to get value from the integration. Some ideas that may help us get value from this are:

  • Auto-generate contacts from CC in CS
  • Associated contacts to Companies in CS based on the email address domain


  • Auto-generate ‘Community Contacts’ as a new object in CS that can be used for custom reporting in Gainsight. Given the flexibility of Gainsight, this would allow us to build custom reports and/or associate contact to accounts with our own custom criteria using rules engine. It would also avoid any issues with contact management, since they will be stored in a separate object. 

This would help reduce our reliance on Data Intelligence and Engineering teams to build our data/reporting infrastructure. It would also allow us to incorporate community engagement and advocacy into our CSMs daily workflows. 

1 reply

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Interesting! I’m a Gainsight CS customer about to embark on a Gainsight CC rollout, and this is helpful information. Commenting so I can follow along in the discussion here.