Gainsight's Summer Release is Coming Soon!

  • 27 July 2017
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Lots of exciting new features are being released to Gainsight production orgs on September 5! Sandbox orgs will be upgraded on August 5*. To see a detailed preview of what's coming, watch this release preview webinar** hosted by Karl Rumelhart, our VP Product. 

This release includes the following enhancements, plus many more:

  • Surveys: create in-line surveys to display a question directly in an email, create survey links with an expiration date, and text analytics are available for non-NPS questions with text responses

  • Scorecards 2.0: a migration utility is available for Gainsight Tech Ops to convert Account Scorecards (1.0) to Scorecards 2.0, plus significant configuration enhancements

  • Rules Engine: configure Rule Chains using Bionic Rules, include MDA Joins in Bionic Rules, and configure cron expressions to run rules multiple times a day

  • Success Plans: create Success Plans using Bionic Rules and view Success Plan progress in a Gantt chart on the 360

  • Email Assist: send reports and surveys via Email Assist, last used contact is automatically populated in To field, From and Reply-to addresses are now customizable, and more

  • Timeline and Activities: Timeline is available in the Account and Opportunity widgets, attach files to Activities, and more usability improvements

  • Advanced Outreach: new Drip Email model available, plus improvements to uniqueness criteria and multi-variant filters

  • Sally the Gainsight Bot in Slack: Sally helps users request information and also update data in Gainsight.

  • Share 360 with non-SFDC/GS users: Admins can configure a read-only 360 layout with Summary, Account Attributes, Related List report sections to share as a link via email with non-SFDC/GS users

  • Time Zone Standardization: handling of time zones for data that is ingested, stored and reported has been standardized
We'll keep you posted as draft release notes and additional resources become available.

*Some enhancements, such as the Sally bot for Slack and global dashboard filters, will not be available in the Sandbox upgrade.

**If you registered for the live webinar (7/27), you'll receive the video's password by email shortly. The recording is only available to Gainsight customers. To request the password, contact

2 replies

Surveys: does this solve the use where we would want to send a link to a customer to fill out a survey, and it would tie to their Scorecard?
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Colin - Can you provide details on what you mean by tie to their scorecard?  There is not a specific feature in surveys to do this but it is possible. This article outlines an approach you can use - we refer to it as "Sentiment".