how is everyone tracking when a CTA changes stages from New-in progress-closed?

  • 12 November 2018
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Inside the CTA, there are stages ("in-progress, New, Closed success. etc"). How do you track the change in a stages when a CSM makes a change. Is the reporting granular enough to get that info? Thank you.

1 reply

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Hi Denver - you'd have to have your IT team enable history tracking on the Call to Action::Status field. Then you could build a Data Space starting with the History::Call To Action object, making sure to pull in the Account Name, Account ID, etc. from the Parent ID -> Account object , (and any other fields in the object hierarchy you may want to capture) then create a report off of that data space showing you the field that changed, the old value and the new value..

I am not tracking the Status field myself, but here's an example of what a similar report built off of a data space created using History:Customer Info as the base looks like. The Changed Field = CS Segment - but in your case you'd use Changed Field = Status: