If I delete a Playbook that has been used previously, will it impact existing or closed CTAs?

  • 17 March 2016
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We reviewing and revising our Phase 1 playbooks and find that some need to be retired.  If I remove a playbook that has previously been used (both open and closed) will those CTAs to which this playbook was attached be impacted?

I tested this in our Sandbox and it seems as if the CTA remains intact, despite removing the playbook, but I'd like to get confirmation from either product management or someone else who has encountered this before.

Many thanks!

Best answer by sidhu 22 March 2016, 11:23

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2 replies

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Once a playbook is applied to a CTA and the tasks are created then these tasks are delinked from any further updates being made on the playbook like adding/deleting/updating tasks or even deleting it.

If you apply a playbook to a CTA and then delete the playbook, the tasks will still be there. It does not matter if the CTA or tasks are either open or closed. One change you would notice on the CTAs is that the 'Replace Playbook' option changes to 'Apply Playbook'.
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Thanks Sidhu!