Is there a way to push more fields to the SFDC Tasks object from Cockpit Tasks?

  • 20 June 2018
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It seems that the fields pushing over from Cockpit tasks to the tasks object in SFDC is limited to certain fields like "subject". I would like to push more fields over like "CTA Reason". Is this possible or are we limited to whatever is pushing by default?

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Hey Ky!

Are you trying to do this to report on the tasks?  If so, I would recommend creating a data space that joins those two objects.  That way, you have access to the data, but keep things simple.  Thanks!

My salesforce admins are trying to build out a report in Salesforce on the CTA's that exist in Gainsight. But the fields seem limited and it is also hard to filter it down to what is specifically a Gainsight task. 
Ah...  I would recommend building the data space in GS and sharing/emailing the report out.  

However, if your SFDC Admins are insistent that this report be made available in SFDC Reports, I would create those fields on the CSTask Object and then use Process Builder to copy them over from the Call To Action Object every time a CTA is created or edited.
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Hi Ky,

There are actually a few different objects that are used to create a "Call to action". Gainsight uses a relational database structure vs. a flat file model. 

The primary objects that you'll need to investigate are all in SFDC and are named:

  • Call To Action
  • CSTask
  • CTA Group
  • CTA Type

You can get more details on the fields in these objects with the Gainsight Object Glossary
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I've created custom fields on the CSTask object in Salesforce that I added to Tasks in Gainsight:

Works well for reporting too.
This is doable but not straight forward. You could create a formula field in SFDC for CTA Reason from CS Task object and update the Salesforce Task sync mapping configuration in Administration -> Workflow -> Task page. You have to add a new mapping in "Task field mapping configuration" section for the new field created onto a corresponding field on Salesforce Task object.