Managing At-Risk Meetings with Gainsight

  • 21 January 2019
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Hi everyone - I would like to move our at-risk meeting process into Gainsight. The main goal is to review the red/yellows and ensure that we understand why they are red/yellow, there is "next step" in place, there is an owner of that next step and that we know if it's been completed. I assume that most people use the Cockpit and CTAs to run these review meetings? Do you have any insights you can share? How does the Timeline factor into this or does it?

6 replies

This is something our team is working toward. It's been somewhat manual and I would like to automate it. What we've done is created a custom Success Plan for At-Risk accounts that includes tasks and outreach strategies. I created a dashboard that shows a report of clients who have been assigned this Success Plan for us to track progress and review in At-Risk meetings. This week we are looking at clients who churned last quarter to try and identify at-risk behavior, and I'm hoping that meeting will give some guidance on how to better manage this process. Would also be interested in hearing how other orgs handle this.

Chad - great question, that's defintely the way to think about the process. At a high level, here is how we think about the risk management element:

  • Risk is identified, CTA is created and specific risk reason is selected along with capturing a brief (couple of bullets) summary of the risk

  • If visibility or escalation is needed risk is "flagged," using the blue "mark as important," ribbon on the CTA

    • [img][/img]
  • Whatever additional fields you want to capture are filled out
  • CSM logs weekly updates on the CTA Timeline (this is where Timeline comes in). Activty type "Update". The update includes:
    • Recent activity: what steps or actions have recently been taken towards mitigating this risk
    • Next steps: What are the calendared next steps? What help is needed from management or cross functional teammates? [list]
    • Tasks are assigned in Timeline update as needed
  • Managers and teammates review using custom cockpit view for flagged or escalated risks (you can also use global Timeline and filter for "Risk" updates).

  • Managers review escalated risks with executives

  • Track weekly updates in dashboard (usually helpful to have additional views on the same dashboard for example all up coming renewable rev v how much of that is at risk so all can be seen in context in one view):

    [/list]Thats the high level, hope this is helpful. Happy to walk through this live next week at PulseLocal if it will be helpful!

  • Josh - this is really helpful. I haven't used Timeline in my previous use of Gainsight. This looks like an excellent application of it for this process. Thanks for the details - very helpful.

    Thanks Jakie for this response! The timeline looks like an easier way to do this. See Josh's response below.

    Glad it was helpful Chad! Happy to discuss further if needed.

    Side note: an additional advantage of using Timeline in this way is you'll notice that when the Timeline activity is logged, it will indicate in the Timeline module that the update is associated with that specific CTA (in fact, it will be hyper linked to said CTA) which is great for historical context and keeping things in one place.

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    One way to enhance this further is to use a custom picklist field in the CTA to indicate who the risk is currently escalted to, instead of the simpler-but-less-specific Flagging. It may be something you would want to do next, instead of right out of the gate.