Maximizing Customer Success with Support Data - Webinar Recap

  • 18 June 2024
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Thank you all for those who attended our webinar  “Maximizing Customer Success with Support Data” this week! The recording from this session along with the slides presented can be found below. 

Support data plays a critical role in enhancing customer satisfaction, which directly impacts retention and renewals. Help CSMs and support agents by providing insights into relationship management, time to resolution, ticket satisfaction, and more. Utilize out-of-the-box connectors for seamless integration from platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Jira, and Freshdesk to gather insights, take action, and leverage automation


  • Gather insights by tracking and monitoring support tickets by customer, type, priority, etc.. to identify gaps and opportunities

  • Understand support by topic (i.e., bug, training question, enhancement request, etc..) to gain further insight into the maturity of a customer, segment or product 


  • Trigger CTAs to identify risks and upsell opportunities

  • Consider how support trends impact overall customer health 

  • Use bidirectional integration to send valuable info (like customer health score) to your support system and prioritize tickets accordingly 


  • Use support ticket insights and Journey Orchestrator to drive home learnings, invite to events, educate customers, and promote self-service

  • Measure support data & adjust the journey accordingly to ultimately reduce the number of future support tickets to be entered. 


How are you planning to leverage support data in Gainsight to crush your organization’s Customer Success goals? Keep the conversation going by posting your ideas and questions below.  

2 replies

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After previous experiences of waiting a long time to get a recording of a webinar I couldn’t attend - I very much appreciate the rapid availability of such an in-depth recap! Great job :)

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A huge THANK YOU to those of you who chose to complete the post-webinar survey. Feedback is always a gift 🎁! A common theme in the survey results revealed that not everyone was able to see to questions and responses in the chat and/or Q&A panel. Engagement was great during this session so I’ve summarized the discussions below for all to see: 

  • Customer Health Metrics: The conversation emphasized the importance of looking at individual customer trends rather than generic metrics. For instance, the 90-day rolling average is used to track deviations and assess customer health.
  • Sentiment Analysis: There were concerns about the accuracy of sentiment analysis in their system. Specifically, instances where the system recorded a positive sentiment for calls that were actually negative were discussed.
  • Support Ticket Analysis: The discussion covered the integration of support data into Gainsight, and how they measure support engagement through metrics such as the number of tickets opened. However, it was noted that not all measures can rely on rolling averages and may require different statistical approaches.
  • Data Integration and Security: Participants discussed integrating support data from different systems like Salesforce into their primary CRM tool. The need for secure, possibly read-only, access to this data was highlighted.
  • Handling Different Types of Tickets: A distinction was made between bug and non-bug tickets due to their different handling processes. Both types are tracked to understand their impact on customer health.
  • Use of Statistical Methods:The conversation touched on the application of statistical methods in daily work, illustrating the practical challenges and learning experiences from using these methods in customer support analysis.
  • Future Enhancements:There were mentions of ongoing and future improvements, such as incorporating system feedback directly into customer timelines and refining sentiment analysis processes.