Need Help Creating ACV formula/field

  • 27 December 2019
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Hello all! 


I am racking my brain and struggling to create a new value for customer ACV based on open renewal opporutinities. I have created the custom field in the customer info object and I started creating the rule but I am really struggling with the rule logic when it comes to the formula.


Does anyone have examples or documentation on how you performed this?


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3 replies

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Hi @jjohnsonflexera 

Can I know if you are trying to create the formula from the Rules engine or the Data management page?

This document gives details on creating formula fields from the data management page.

Will this help?




Hi jjohnsonflexera , 

Can you please let us know as to what exactly is your use case, so that we can analyze it and come up with a solution.



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Hi @jjohnsonflexera - you can do this a couple different ways. In the fetch task, you can bring in just two values - Account ID and ACV, and apply an aggregation on the ACV field of SUM. Use the filters to only bring in the right opportunities of the correct type. Warning here - don’t try to bring in any other fields otherwise it will screw up the aggregations. 


The other way is to do a transformation task and group by the Account ID (or other unique identifier). 


Bionic rules has some powerful capabilities but it’s highly recommended that you take the required training for bionic rules otherwise it can be daunting.