Need help with Zap: automatically assign new inSided custom roles based on Gainsight Customer Data

  • 14 November 2022
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Hi there Team,

I asked this question on the inSpired Community by inSided (see original thread) and was redirected here.

Basically, within Zapier, I want to create a Step where Gainsight Checks if a new inSided contact is an actual customer (e.g. within Stage Retention, Onboarding, etc.)


See full question here:

Hi there everyone,

Our inSided community is open for anybody to sign up, but we always assign a “customer” custom role to our customers because there is some gated content that only customers can see.

Our moderation team spends up to 1h each day manually checking newly registered customers and manually assigning custom roles.

To check if somebody is a customer or not, we look on Gainsight  (our customer CRM😎), in order to see if that email address is linked to a customer.


Is there any way to automate this with zapier?

I envision it like this:

  • Trigger: New member registers on insided
  • Zapier checks if that email can be found on gainsight
    • if it can be found, check if it belongs to a currently active customer
      • if yes → assign custom role “customer”
    • if not → leave blank so we can do our own manual check and assign a role manualy (edge cases)


And the two comments by the inSided Team:







So now I know how to set up the Zap, but can anybody with good Gainsight Knowledge confirm that this is possible for Gainsight as well?


6 replies

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Hello @Daniele Cmty … great to see you here my friend! Let me ping a few folks.

@Dheepak G, @rakesh is do we support this Zapier workflow? 


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Hi @anirbandutta @Dheepak G @rakesh, and happy monday.
Is there any chance to get some support for this one? :)

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.



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My personal Zapier guru is @seth who understands both sides of the house ... for any ideas.

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I believe this can be done. But maybe not via our OOTB Zapier connector. Our Zapier connector has 3 actions, that load data into Gainsight.

So probably you will need to call the Company API to check if record exists in the 2nd step of the image you pasted.

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Hey @Daniele Cmty, while I haven’t had the need to do it myself (yet), I think this should be doable. From what I've gather from the thread/screenshots, I probably wouldn't use the OOTB GS App in Zapier, rather would use the Zapier "Webhook" App leveraging the Person API to query GS using the email address as the identifier.

If they do exist and are linked to a company, the results of the query would show that. Either way, filtering the results should get you an answer of if they are part of a company or not.

I have just built out this exact workflow using workato. You should be able to do the same using Zapier.


Here are the steps i took

  1. inSided webhook for new user will supply you with email address.
  2. use the Get User with Email endpoint to retrieve the user.
  3. using the Gainsight ID you got from step 2 you can query the custom object that contains the customer field you are looking for - filter objects by Person_ID field