Plans for additional out of the box integrations?

  • 12 October 2022
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Are there plans to provide additional out of the box integrations or third party development of integrations? When I think of most any other SaaS product I use, they all have app stores with 10s of 100s of integrations (Salesforce AppExchange, ServiceNow, Splunk, even more nascent services like Clickup, Pendo, etc). 

With just over a dozen currently, I feel like there is a big lack of native integrations and I’m curious if this is on the radar at all to improve this area?

3 replies

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@Tori Jeffcoat re: roadmap Q&A

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Hi @kelly ,

Yes we do have plans to add more OOTB integrations with third party apps. Past few quarters, we are focusing on improving the existing connectors to support all the use-cases customers are asking us. If you observe other SaaS systems like Pendo - they build a point use-case based integration (One or 2 usecases only) but when we developed similar integrations a while ago, we observed there was very little usage since it doesn't solve data integration use-cases our customers ask for and usage increased as we reinforced these Connectors.  


We are therefore parallelly improving our API’s that you/any one else can use to integrate with Gainsight. 


What systems do you have in mind @kelly that can help you? As a PM my biggest challenge is I have ~50 new integration requests. Its super hard to pick the right next one so data helps!

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Hi @rakesh - apologies, I never saw an update on this thread and it looks like there have been a lot of additions to integrations since then!

Common use cases top of mind for me are the tools our teams use day to day or external teams use to track customer experiences that would be beneficial to have that data in Gainsight.

Appointment Booking
Calendly/Timetrade (specifically Timetrade for our use case) - being able to connect to a CSM’s user record and the booking activity would be extremely helpful, especially for digital programs. Tokenizing a CSM’s calendar link and sending follow up emails or creating CTAs based on the contact taking action to book an appointment or not would be valuable.

Project Management
Smartsheets - many of our external teams use Smartsheets to manage customer projects throughout various stages of the lifecycle - being able to bring this data in would help keep users in Gainsight for all of their customer insights.

Docebo, Articulate - would be valuable to display the courses our customers are taking in C360s and trigger programs to drive additional training when there are gaps.

Gainsight Integrations - this page appears to be missing some core integrations that already exist, like Zoom?