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  • 10 January 2019
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​We collect monthly data related to our customers thru our CSMs. It would be great if in the custom CTAs would could have the option of pre-filling the fields with the current value of that specific field. The CSMs will then be able just to update the values without starting all the time from scratch. Thanks.

7 replies


I believe you are looking for creation of predefined tasks to a CTA.

Could you please take a look at below article and let me know if this is what you are looking for ?


No, nothing to do with that. When you go in Administration/Call to Action, you have the possibility of creating CUSTOM CTAs and predefine the fields that you want to have in that form, by different groups. I want to have the capability to pre-populate those fields with their last value.

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Manuel, have you considered having the CSMs enter that information into Account or Customer Info fields that are displayed within the CTA, instead of them being fields on the CTA?

That would certainly solve the problem of the most recent value being displayed. If you wanted to also make sure that you're keeping historical trends of the values, then you could use Salesforce Field History Tracking (if you use fields on the Salesforce Account object) or, if you put the fields on the Customer Info object, you could use a Rule to snapshot those values into a custom MDA object.


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Hi Manuel,

Have you looked into using Linked Objects to bring in current values for specified fields and then optionally allow the CSM the ability to update those fields as they work the CTA?

More info here:

Hi Seth. We have quite a lot of fields and SalesForce Field History is limited in number of fields. So this is not an option. We want to collect data each month so we could be able to do trendings.

Hi Dan. This is a great functionality but I'm not sure yet if it solves our pain point. We would need to take fields from MDAs or Call to action or at least Customer Info and from what I see this doesn't seem possible.

Maybe an option would be to create a custom SFDC field that we could populate from the custom MDA, would this work? (I mean, will that custom SFDC field appear in the dropdown of linked objects?). This is not great as we will need to create a lot of new fields in SFDC and seems also complex to implement. What do you think? Thanks.

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Very understandable, Manuel. In that case, you could snapshot the values from the Account into a custom MDA object.