Reference Request for More Than One Customer

  • 7 January 2020
  • 2 replies

Scenario: One opportunity needing more than one reference.


I have tried several solutions around this but they are all a bit superfluous.


Does anyone else currently manage requests for multiple references off of one object?

2 replies

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@whitney  your words are more into a one-liner, could you please add few more lines to understand better. 



The scenario refers to when a reference requestor indicates they need 2-5 references for a particular customer rather than 1.


I have triggered playbooks off of SFDC tasks and SFDC Opportunity fields to create playbooks.


I am looking for a way to either automate the matching of appropriate customers or to reduce the need for the requestor to have to create multiple SFDC tasks to trigger multiple playbooks so that they can be associated with the correct clients.


Let me know if that is still unclear and I will gladly provide additional context! :)


Current workflow: