Report on users involved in a Success plan

  • 9 July 2024
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Hi all,


diving into all the Success plan functionalities, we have found the need of pulling up a report of all the task owners involved in the Success plan.

As you know many people can be involved in a Success plan (Employees, Customers and Partners). Is there a way to create a report that list all the task owners in a single Success Plan while grouping them by Team (Customer, Employee or partner)? Maybe using the domain of the email, in this case instead of having a general Team (Customer ,Employee or Partner) we will have the specific name of the company.

One idea could be to add a a field on the Task level with the Team, but it would involve our users to do an extra manual step.

Thank you very much! 

1 reply

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Hi @stefanoboni !

Can you leverage any attribute of the User object (or Person/Company Person, I can't remember at the moment the limitations for sharing SPs, sorry!) to distinguish who are partners and who are clients? For example license type, a custom attribute?. Employees will be easier.

Then with that value + data designer you can use a case field to categorize your tasks owners as employee, customer or partner, and build the reporting you need using the data space as a source.