Salesforce Instance Updating: Next Steps for Gainsight

  • 25 February 2019
  • 3 replies

Hi there -

Our Salesfoce intance is undergoing an org migration and will be moved to a new instance. Are their any next steps that I should be aware of to reconnect Gainsight or ensure that is continues to run smoothly?

3 replies

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Hi Elisa,

You'll definitely want to chat with your Gainsight CSM about this. When connecting a Gainsight tenant to your SFDC environment, there are links and references made to unique IDs like Account, Contact, etc that don't just "copy" over to a new tenant. There is some planning and validation that needs to be done to ensure that things stay connected.

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Hi Elisa,

Where you able to move to a new instance? Do you need any more help regarding the same?

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@elisa_pelegrina Let us know if you need any help here!