Slack notification when activity is added to timeline

  • 20 August 2021
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Hi there,

Gainsight newbie here and slowly getting the hang of things!

We use the timeline on the C360 to add risks as an activity type. I was wondering if anyone had any experience in setting up a connection with this in a slack channel? Ideally I would like it so that every time a new risk is added, our account managers can see this in the slack channel, is this possible?

I have spoken with GS support on this and sadly I am really struggling to get a clear answer!


5 replies

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@chelseahopkins welcome to Gainsight and Game Change Community!!!

Firstly sorry for the inconvenience and trouble. I will get the right helping hands here.


@darkknight @jean.nairon @gunjanm @kate_green @meenal_shukla @seth @soumitrasahu @venkatesh @rahul_prayakarao@Chris Mudd @alex_legay Need your inputs here.

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Not natively through Gainsight that I know of.  We created an internal Slack app with a webhook through which we have External Actions created to send messages to various Slack channels from the Rules Engine and/or JO.

It’s custom and rather complicated though tbh.

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Here are a couple of posts that should help you out, @chelseahopkins !


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Here are a couple of posts that should help you out, @chelseahopkins !


This is essentially what we use to achieve this use case. 

@chelseahopkins we don’t have it currently. We send notifications in slack only when the users are tagged.