Success Plan Exporting & Cockpit View

I have 2.5 questions for Success Plans:

  1. Is it possible to include the "Comments" box for each Objective when you export the Success Plan to PPT?   Sidenote, is there a way to export success plan summary (customer name, objective, success criteria, due date, comments) to one PPT slide instead of individual slides? 
  2. Can we remove Success Plan Objectives from cockpit view in C360? Every single customer has at least one success plan with at least 5 objectives and it's creating a lot of noise in the Cockpit. We prefer to keep those objectives in the widget area only (if possible).
Thanks for your help!  Linda

Best answer by nitisha_rathi 8 June 2016, 08:10

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Hi Linda,

1. Improving success plans export is already in our roadmap. We will keep your suggestions in mind while making these enhancements. ETA to be decided.

2. To clarify - you would like to remove Success Plan Objectives from cockpit section in C360 only and not from Cockpit page. Is that correct?


Thanks for your quick response, Nitisha.  For #2, that is correct, remove it from cockpit section in C360 and not the Cockpit page (because they can filter out from there).